Helmholtz-Partnership for Plant Sciences (HP-PS)

      HP-PS as a strategic Cooperation

      In April 2017, the Helmholtz Partnership in Plant Sciences was established between the two Helmholtz Institutes FZJ and HMGU to strengthen and make visible plant research in the Helmholtz Association.

      The plant sciences are represented in the HGF only at these two locations. This creates a problem of visibility within the HGF - despite the enormous importance of plant sciences for human health, the environment and the bioeconomy. In order to secure plant research in the HGF in the long term and to position it excellently, these complementary expertise and resources in the plant sciences in Munich and Jülich will be pooled, synergies generated and strategically represented jointly within the HGF.

      The excellence of science in the participating institutes and working groups is undisputed: in the current scientific review, all participating institutes and working groups were rated "outstanding" and their leading role in plant phenotyping and bioinformatics was explicitly emphasized. In addition, HP-PS was recognised by the experts as an outstanding example of cross-centre cooperation in which essential impulses are given for industrial and breeding use. With the foundation of HP-PS, a joint structure for the visualisation of plant research in the Helmholtz Association was created.






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