Helmholtz Zentrum München (HMGU)

      Helmholtz Zentrum München as the German Research Center for Environmental Health pursues the goal of developing personalized medicine for the diagnosis, therapy and prevention of widespread diseases such as diabetes mellitus, allergies and chronic lung diseases. To this end, it investigates the interaction of genetics, environmental factors and lifestyle.


      HP-PS Partner Institutes:

      Research Unit Environmental Simulation (EUS)

      The Research Unit EUS focuses on the impact of changing environmental conditions on plant resistance and resilience as well as on the interaction of plants with the biotic environment (herbivores/pathogens).

      Research Unit Plant Genome and Systems Biology (PGSB)

      The Research Unit PGSB focuses on the analysis of plant genomes using bioinformatics techniques.

      The goals of EUS and PGSB are to develop strategies for sustainable use, breeding and protection of plants and to understand the impact of climate change on crops, food security and human health.

      EUS and PGSB are part of the Environmental Health Center (EHC) at Helmholtz Zentrum München